It’s in the Bag

What do you get an artist for her 6th birthday?  Why, a custom art bag of course!

Last year when I was searching for a gift for my niece, I came across this pattern on Craftgawker and decided it would be perfect. I used her two favorite colors, purple and green, for the main parts of the bag. It’s not obvious from the picture, but the purple fabric on the outside of the bag also is sparkly, so it’s extra awesome.

I loved the chance to pick out fun patterns in a variety of colors for the pencil pockets on the outside. And because the pockets only used a small piece of each fabric, I have plenty of scraps to use for future projects.

I sewed the strips of colors together and then sewed them to the outside of the bag.

Then I attached two large pockets inside the bag to store sketchbooks.

Once I finished the edges and added a couple of handles, the bag was finished.  It was a fun project to work on, and it was refreshing as it took me FAR less time than either of the quilts did.


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