A Post-Christmas Post

I know Christmas was a few days ago, but I have a Christmas-themed project to share.  This year, my sister and I teamed up to make some Santa and elf hat chair covers for our mom’s dining room chairs.  My sister made the Santa hats. I decided to be different (like usual) and make a couple of elf hats to mix things up.

My masterpieces

My masterpieces

The body of the hats are made of fleece. The trim and ball are made of a furry-type fabric that I don’t know the proper name for.  I DO know, however, that it sheds and gets EVERYWHERE when you’re trying to work with it.

I don’t have any progress photos since there weren’t too many steps to the process.  In the end we made six Santa hats and two elf hats.  I really did offer to make just as many hats as my sister, but she went ahead and took care of them anyway.  Our mom really liked them once we showed her exactly what they were for, and now she won’t have to worry about her dining room chairs getting too chilly during the holidays!




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